Youth Living Skills Community Kitchen

May 16th, 2016 by communitykitchens

“Our Community Kitchen has been so successful that we have had almost one hundred per cent attendance. It was the drawcard we needed to enable young people to be introduced to a wider range of living skills. Each week of the Community Kitchen was built around a theme (employment, legal rights, Centrelink obligations, parenting etc.).

Workers added their own experiences and were amazed how the barriers (not the boundaries) between workers became less and less. We learned more from our clients about their daily living skills and how they support themselves to a superior standard with very little income. Many of us were under the impression that young people did not always make very good food choices, however we found that their choices were often just as good as ours but limited by their purses.  Through the Community Kitchen we all learned to eat better and all recognised that we didn’t always eat as healthily as we should.  Facilitators and participants improved their diets because of the Community Kitchen and learned to prepare food more wisely with little wastage”