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The philosophy of Australian Community Kitchens is to further develop a sense of community around food.

Community Kitchens are groups of people who regularly meet at community-based venues to socialise and cook fresh and nutritious meals together.

They encourage group members to develop new friendships, whilst further developing skills in cooking affordable meals. Participants come from many different walks of life and every member has strengths and skills which can be passed on to other members of the group.

Trained group leaders guide the Kitchens to ensure they run smoothly. They are there as a guide but do not run the Kitchen or make decisions for the group. Each participant is equally responsible for how their Kitchen runs.

Community Kitchens enable group members to develop skills and learn from each other through their own hands-on experiences rather than from one ‘expert’ person teaching the group.

Community Kitchens participants prepare and cook the meals themselves: they have full ownership and there are no handouts.

The growing of food ties in beautifully with Community Kitchens. There is something special about taking food from straight from the earth and being able to create something healthy and tasty.

The formation of partnerships with other groups and organisations within the community is a key ingredient to a successful Community Kitchen.