Neami Youth Residential Services – Community Kitchen

May 29th, 2017 by communitykitchens

Target Group: Neami Youth Residents

Location: Seaford

Day:    Monday breakfast (weekly)
Wednesday dinners (weekly)

Host organisation: Neami National


Down at Neami National in Seaford, a group of young people plan, cook and share a meal together twice per week. Below are two perspectives about the Community Kitchens Program- one from a Neami National Community Rehabilitation & Support Worker and the other is from the participants.

Community Rehabilitation & Support Worker:
“The Community Kitchen allows a safe and friendly place where all clients can learn and share a meal with other residents. It is a place for staff to interact with clients on a personal level and share with some laughter and banter. It is a special time where people get to be creative and showcase their amazing culinary skills and learn some new ones. It continues to be a time when inhibitors and anxiety are left at the door and each person can feel important and inclusive” – Cassie

Participants (young people) perspective:
In addition to improving basic cooking skills participants highlighted that they have learnt many valuable skills from the Community Kitchens including how to:

-budget for food -search and find healthy recipes
-create a shopping list
-follow a recipe
-cook different types of food

Many of the participants also said that the Community Kitchens program has taught them how to work as part of a team. One even noted that these skills learnt have helped them to get a job. When participants were asked ‘what do you like about coming to the Community Kitchens?’ the sense of community spirit and good vibes was strongly indicated. Other responses included the opportunity it gave them to meet and talk to new people, creating friendships, as well as getting to show off their home recipes. Lastly, since joining the Community Kitchen program the majority of the participants have noted that they have started to cook more at home.