Volunteer at a Community Kitchen

Group Leader/volunteer role

Group Leaders are often volunteers, but can also be a paid employee of an organisation. Their role is to help Community Kitchen groups to run as smoothly as possible. They assist the group rather than trying to do everything. It is recommended that each Kitchen have at least 2 Group Leaders so they can support each other and share responsibilities.

Roles of a Community Kitchen Group Leader include:

  • Promote the Community Kitchens philosophy
  • Welcome and provide information to new participants
  • Encourage group members to work well together
  • Encourage active participation
  • Ensure that group guidelines are developed, followed and revised
  • Money handling and associated record keeping
  • Prepare a kitchen for a group if required, and ensure it is left clean and tidy
  • Organise and coordinate the planning, cooking and allocation of tasks
  • Promote healthy eating

Group Leaders/volunteers do not require any formal qualifications but it is important that they have the following qualities:

  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Tolerance and empathy for others situations, needs and desires
  • Recognition that everyone has unique skills and qualities that are of value
  • Writing and record keeping skills

Training modules and resources are available to assist Group Leaders.

Interested in being a Community Kitchen Group Leader?

If you would like to become a Community Kitchen Group Leader consider: