Join a Community Kitchen

If you are interested in joining a Community Kitchen you may like to:

1) Find a Community Kitchen

  • ‘Find a Kitchen’ near you and contact the Group Leader
  • If there is not a Kitchen near you, and you are interested in starting one, please follow the steps below or Contact Us for more information.


2) Start a Community Kitchen

Steps to set up a Community Kitchen

Before you begin, set up a Working Group. This group will work together to set up the Community Kitchen. Members of this group may include potential participants, group leaders, volunteers or other organisations. It is highly recommended that potential participants are included in the group to help ensure its set up will work for them.


1) Identify the need

As a Working Group, identify who the Community Kitchen is being run for, when it will run, and what resources are needed for it to be able to run.

2) Identify potential partners

Partnerships are essential! They can help provide Kitchens with kitchen facilities, equipment, transport, food produce, referrals and more. The number and types of organisations you partner with will depend on the Community Kitchens needs.

3) Locate a kitchen

Community Kitchens can be held anywhere in the community there is a kitchen. The Working Group may have a particular kitchen in mind, but if not, a suitable kitchen will need to be found. Places where Community Kitchens could be held include:

    • Churches
    • Schools
    • Community centres
    • Community organisations
    • Neighbourhood centres
    • Men’s Sheds
    • Workplaces

When a Kitchen is located check that it is suitable, and work out what kitchen equipment and pantry items are needed.

4) Recruit group leaders

Group Leaders help the Community Kitchen to run smoothly. They can be paid employees or volunteers. Their role is to assist participants to run and participate in the Community Kitchen – not do everything themselves. It is recommended that there are at least two Group Leaders so they can share responsibilities and support each other in the role. Over time participants may like to become a Group Leader and this is encouraged.

5) Promote you kitchen

Promote your new Community Kitchen!
There is a generic Community Kitchens Brochure available or you can create your own using the Community Kitchen logo- both available in Templates and Resources under the ‘Set up a Community Kitchen’ section.

6) Register your kitchen

Register the Kitchen on the Community Kitchens website. This will help promote your Community Kitchen and connect you with other Community Kitchens.


For further details on how to set up and run a Community Kitchen please refer to the Community Kitchens Manual.