Schools and Early Years

Community Kitchens held within primary schools, secondary schools and early years centres enable children, students and families to develop:

  • knowledge and understanding of food through touch, smell and taste
  • literacy and numeracy skills
  • meal planning and budgeting skills
  • food preparation and cooking skills and
  • communication and teamwork skills.

They also provide an opportunity for social connection, student and parent engagement and improvement of health and wellbeing.

Because every school and centre is different, there is no ‘one way’ or ‘right way’ to run a Community Kitchen in these places. For example:

  • They can be held at the school, centre or at another local community venue (wherever has a suitable kitchen and is easily accessible for the participants).
  • Participants could include children and families, students, staff, parents or even kept open for the wider community.
  • They can be set up and run by student groups, staff, families or even other local organisations.

See the following quick sheets for more information:


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